“I do not seek. I find.”

Pablo Picasso

The art agency Kunstagentur Vera Gäng finds individual solutions for your interiors. Whether in offices, practices or private spaces, in the appropriate place, a carefully chosen design can open up new avenues of dialogue and engage the senses.

A suitable furnishing concept not only fulfils functional aspects, but should also suit its owner. Colour and material concepts, as well as individual taste, play a major role here. From the choice of furniture to the matching artwork on your wall: the Vera Gäng Art Agency offers you a turnkey concept for your interior.

The art agency Kunstagentur Vera Gäng will implement your individual interior design preferences according to your budget expectations. Whether it’s a private flat, a hotel or just a missing piece of art in your collection: I am at your disposal with my comprehensive competence in the interior design and art sectors for all your concerns.

Especially in the world of contemporary art, it is often a challenge for the buyer to find a work of art that suits him or her, one that can unfold its effect in the best possible way while providing lasting enjoyment. Precisely in such cases, it is advisable to have a competent partner at one’s side who can make the art accessible both physically and in terms of content, and who can assist with questions and requests.

In my placements, I attach great importance to the artistic quality of the works, which are selected at my discretion. The artists represented by the art agency Kunstagentur Vera Gäng offer their art in a price range which provides for an appropriate remuneration of their artistic activity and quality, without reflecting the high price strategy on the art market. The art agency Kunstagentur Vera Gäng also offers young aspiring artists on the market, an opportunity to become part of the agency portfolio.

The art agency’s Kunstagentur Vera Gäng services are primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies in diverse industries, as well as private individuals and collectors. An individual art concept is created and implemented for each client, which specifically addresses content and price specifications, as well as the spatial setting on site. As a professional partner in all art matters, the art agency is available to you with competence and the necessary background knowledge – regardless of whether you are already an art lover or wish to become one.

I look forward to assisting you with personalised and sustainable care.

Vera Janina Gäng, M.A. Art History